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    Beach Bod includes 4 STACK:  WMC, HGH PINK, SHRED XT & BCAA


    • WMC (woman’s muscle complex) for strength, recovery and endurance
    • SOTO LIFT PREWORKOUT: Help you to push harder at the gym, with more endurance, focus, and stamina for the most productive workouts.
    • Shred XT: Ultra fatburning formula designed with the best thermo, appetite
      suppressant, and fatburning ingredients
    • BCAA: Amino acids to help build the muscle daily, with electrolytes to help in hydration during your toughest workouts


    Ultimate lean muscle building package. All 4 items maximize the biggest fat loss and muscle building we can give you. With our muscle recovery and fat burning ingredients you will look ready to show off a better body!

    $479.99 $287.99