• SOTO Fill N Go Funnel powder container to for carrying a serving of your supplements and dispensing in to your shaker.
  • SOTO Fill N Go Funnel is for all of all types of supplements from BCAAs to Pre-Workout.
  • Great for storage and dispensing. The funnel construction lets you avoid the mess while dispensing.
  • Just load and go anywhere you need to take your supplements and load in to any standard size water bottle.
  • The “SOTO Test” and “SOTO Fill N Go Funnel” go great together.



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Take your SOTO supplements on-the-go with the Easy-Fill Funnel! Avoid the mess of trying to mix your powder into a water bottle!!


The SOTO Fill n Go is a revolutionary funnel that has dual functionality. Easily store and pour any supplement or powder drink mix into a water bottle making it convenient to take your supplements on the go! It gives you the ability to store a single serving of any powder drink mix or supplement you choose and at the same time, provides you with a mechanism to easily pour your drink mix into a water bottle.


What are the benefits of having SOTO Fill N Go Funnel? 

It will save you money!  Supplements are expensive and it can be pretty irritating to see them spill and waste when you are struggling to get them into a small bottle.  If you use plastic baggies as a way to store your supplements not only are you losing money by using a new one every day, but you also run the risk of them tearing and wasting your supplements.

These problems are solved with SOTO Fill n Go Funnel!  It’s convenient to take with you on the go.  It’s small and lightweight design make it easy to carry in a gym bag or purse.  You can even store multiple supplements, just toss a couple of SOTO Fill n Go Funnel in your bag and you’re set for the day.




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