Thyroxyzine is a powerful formula for increased metabolism, thermogenesis, & fat reduction.


  • Advanced delivery system for faster absorption
  • Helps Decreases body fat
  • Increases energy
  • Aids to Boosts Metabolism
  • Targets thyroid activation



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Thyroxyzene is our newest way to combat weight gain, and loss of metabolism due to age, body transformation, or changes in thyroid behaviors.

Our formula will work quickly and effectively to fight against these undesirable changes in our bodies. As we age or transform, we lose our wonderful metabolism that allows us to eat whatever we choose without worry or concern. Eating healthier and counting calories is not always enough.  Diets are a dreaded task for some of us to keep up with in our busy lives.

Maybe you are doing everything with discipline and conviction and not getting the results fast enough? We have this product for any of these situations!

Thyroxyzine can be used in conjunction with our other great products or all on its own. Using it with our other soto supplements can give you faster, more noticeable results. Using Thyroxyzine with a structured diet and exercise regime will deliver even more amazing results.

Whatever goals you have in mind, we have the right product for you. For stacking options, see our stack section or call one of our team members for further questions so we can fit your goals with the right formulas!

Please use caution with taking this product. If you have existing or history of thyroid problems, you may need to consult with your physician. Never take longer than 3 weeks for one cycle and always take 2 weeks off, before re-starting a new cycle.




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