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    Iron Liver improve insulin sensitivity in the liver and muscle cell preferentially adipose cell, diverting excess nutrients to muscles rather than fat stores. Iron Liver protects against bile acid induced cell damaged and death, lowering risk of liver damage and disease.


    • 100% genuine Tudca ingredient
    • Time release capsule
    • Helps cleanse liver toxins
    • Aids in reduction of liver enzymes
    • Promotes a better organ health


    Iron Liver helps keep your liver healthy and supports ideal liver function.


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    Pre-Flora XT is our newest weapon in overall health & wellness. Our bodies are constantly exposed to bacteria. We have millions of them in our bodies. This group of bacteria is called the Microbiota, or sometimes called the “forgotten organ” because of its function and capabilities as a unity. When this Microbiota is off balance, we can feel sick, weak, bloated, etc.


    • Helps balance the digestive system
    • Boosts your immune system
    • PRE-biotic that manages your existing bacteria
    • Promotes better skin health
    • Can reduce inflammation
    • Aids in lower LDL & blood pressure